What You Need to Know About Careers in Green Construction

Green construction jobs are becoming the norm in the contracting and construction industries, so to remain competitive construction professionals must expand their skill set in the green and eco-friendly building fields. More companies are opting to construct green buildings, with seventy percent of executives and developers making their firms part of sustainability programs for tax breaks and the benefit of reduced operating costs. Financial benefits like these are among the many reasons why green buildings are being built so frequently and why there is a demand for workers and contractors with sustainable construction skills and a familiarity with eco-friendly construction. But what do contractors, journeymen, and construction specialist need to know about working on green buildings?

Green Building Operational Categories

The diverse nature of green construction means that contractors, builders, and designers working in the industry must have an understanding of the following sub categories in green building:


  • Surveying and planning
  • Energy efficiency
  • water conservation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Onsite construction practices